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Learning Gardens Home Page

Page history last edited by Kyla Van Deusen 6 years, 6 months ago

Welcome Learning Garden Schools!




Lesson of the Month


      Recipe of the Month



  • Access lessons for your grade level under "All Lessons" folder, to the right
  • Provide feedback in the comment box below each lesson
  • Pre and Post-tests for each grade are also located under "All Lessons"



Click the link to review a learning garden lesson you have taught.


Summer Management


Garden How To



Comments (4)

Kyla Van Deusen said

at 4:04 pm on Feb 28, 2013

This Wiki is a work-in-progress, please let us know what you think! Feel free to post any school garden-related questions here, or other comments related to this site.
-Captain Planet Foundation

kgreer@atlanta.k12.ga.us said

at 7:15 am on Apr 15, 2014

I absolutely love this website! What a GREAT idea!

Dr. Kwnya Greer
Cascade ES

Kyla Van Deusen said

at 10:06 am on Apr 15, 2014

Thanks Dr. Greer!

Kyla, CPF

Ginny Lyon said

at 6:35 am on Apr 16, 2014

I'm going to enjoy my first wiki! Thank you!

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